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10key Timer

Type & Go Timer for Your Dashboard.
version 1.2
To countdown 3 minutes,
just type "3 Enter".
You can start countdowns in a second
using just a numeric keypad.
New version 1.2 has several new features
like Preliminary Bell, Loop Countdown, etc.

Countdown just a num keypad

You can set and start a countdown just with numbers, period, and Enter keys on a numeric keypad. To recall previous countdown value, just press asterisk key.
* You can use Return instead of Enter, comma or single-quote instead of period, and R instead of asterisk keys.

Change body color, alarm sounds, and message as you wish.

You can select body color from 5 colors, alarm sound from 4 sounds, and can change the Growl notify message's title text for each of the timers.
From v1.2, you can change the settings for sticking Growl message.

Prepare for the time's up using Pre.Bell

No longer surprising when the time has come suddenly. You can play Preliminary Bell at your preferred timing. The sound and sticking settings for Pre.Bell can be set separately from Notify settings.

Loop Countdown for periodic notify

Loop Countdown feature is useful for periodic repeating tasks, excercises, or Pomodoro-like methods. Using with Pre.Bell feature, you can set a loop of 2 periods like working time and resting time.

Tick sound playing

You can play included tick-tack sound like analog timer while countdown. If you prefer to remind anytime that your countdown goings on, give it a try.

System Requrements

  • Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later
  • Growl (needed for Notify feature)

Price: $1.99

10key Timer is shareware with no limitations. Please click the button below, when you can. Pay once, and you can get all updates free.

The payment system is PayPal. If you have one of the major credit cards, you don't need to be a PayPal user.

Document updated: May 13 2010
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